As U.S. Ageism Continues, Americans Over 60 are More than Ever Hitting Walls Regarding Funding

Funding is Getting Tougher and Tougher to Get by those Over 60 Due to U.S. Ageism

The title of this blog post should be explained more in depth. There are of course very rich people over 60 who are a part of the 1%. But there are also many, many Americans who are in a bad place regarding their finances.

Even in NYC and despite efforts of Save NYC Together, the future looks bleak unless those who are older are able to hold on to a strong sense of self.

Yes, U.S. Ageism is alive and well. There is much to be desired if someone who retires in this current climate, if they were not a person of means already, they are hitting wall after wall. Walls that even Houdini could not walk through.

More and more older people are calling themselves a Person in Need.

And since many who end up on this site are themselves over 60, we thought we would talk some about fundraising strategies. We use the term “Donors” in the sense of a nonprofit.

Yes, some of those folks suffering with the current U.S. Ageism are starting organizations. Or, an easier approach which is to have as charity sponsor you under their umbrella.

But whether you are raising funds for a business or nonprofit, the strategy is somewhat similar for both. And a good trend is that some are deciding to not start their retirement immediately, and instead start a company of their own! Additionally, when these individuals ask, some are finding that help is given.

Hear are some ideas regarding the fundraising process:

Develop a detailed funding plan: Start by researching potential funding sources and create a list of possible donors. Then, create a budget and timeline for your project, and develop a clear plan for how you will use the funds.

Build relationships with potential donors: Reach out to potential donors and explain your project in detail. Explain why your project is important and how it will benefit the community. Demonstrate that you understand their mission and how your project aligns with it.

Ask for help from your network: Reach out to your network of contacts and ask for help in identifying potential donors and resources. Your contacts may be able to provide you with valuable advice and introductions that can help you secure the funding you need.