Sixty Year Old Online Expert Starts a Website in a Dog Eat Dog World and Faces Ageism

Sixty Year Old Online Expert Starts a Website in a Dog Eat Dog World

What Got Us Thinking About Developing this Website

Ageism can be a major deterrent. It strikes when you least expect it. There is a reason you start getting hunted down by the A.A.R.P. when you turn fifty. That age is in many ways is the opening of Pandora’s Box of aging.

As the Box Spewed Ageism Everywhere and Ageists Continued to Block Opportunities to those Over Fifty

But even though Ageism, thanks to Pandora (, even though it contained ageist thought. Why? Because it gives us an interesting take on a project we are putting together along the lines of…

“The METHOD HOW to Get Expert Status and Learn the SECRET HOW to Use it to Develop More Sales and Repeat Customers/Clients Longer.”

Fifty seems a lot older than forty nine. Society is not as receptive to a blog created by a sixty year old, than someone in their forties. This was discovered to be true by our very Professor Dreamer.

Professor Dreamer helps Us with the Beta Phase as a Tester

Even though Professor Dreamer is sixty, he and Professor Realist, also six decades old, have created the site you are on right now if you are reading this. Looking at things as both a dreamer and realist led to starting the process to put tother a short strategy as a campaign. Something that ArtisticPreneurs need.

Realist to Dreamer or Dreamer to Realist?

Having a realist who is looking into being a dreamer, as well as a dreamer exploring what it might be like to be a realist, makes for a beneficial twosome. Having a duo, each one either a dreamer or a realist, works out nicely. This is because you need both a dreamer to dream, as well as a realist being real. With this approach in mind we brought in other collaborators of the Blog Coalition.

U.S. Ageism and the Ageists Who Perpetuate the Undervaluing of Those of Us Who are Overt Fifty

With All the Knowledge that Older People have in Terms of Life and Work, this begs the Question “Why is there U.S. Ageism?” There is no easy answer to that question, especially since all of us if we hang around for a a good number of years, will age at some point.

Are You the Owner of a Company that Could Fit the Description of being One of the “Businesses in Need” here in America?

But as mentioned earlier, having a project to focus on can take your mind off of the discrimination that. Additionally, we should mention that even if you are one of the “Businesses in Need” in America. And the great news for those who could be described as being one of these “Businesses in Need,” if qualified.